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Hotel Marina Benidorm

Safe stay

Measures and protocols to ensure your safety

Our goal: that you enjoy your stay with complete confidence

Making our guests live the best experience is what has moved us day by day for 50 years. And that is why our main objective is to put the safety and hygiene of our guests and staff first. Today’s situation requires us to make an extra effort and to add new protocols to the health and safety measures with which we work every day in our establishment, in order to prevent and guarantee maximum safety, as we want our customers to have full confidence in us. Therefore, we present you our package of measures and recommendations that we will, of course, expand and update.

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Hotel Marina


Cleaning and disinfection

We follow the cleaning practices and protocols approved by the Benidorm Hotel Association (HOSBEC) and official bodies, as well as having the relevant certificates issued by Microservices, an approved company specialising in environmental hygiene.

  • Common areas: The cleaning and disinfection of reception, hall, corridors, bathrooms, buffet-restaurant, furniture and other common areas are carried out following the measures established with the frequency recommended by the relevant bodies.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of rooms: we use the most effective cleaning products on all surfaces as well as in the protocols of textile washing and furniture maintenance.
  • Cleaning and disinfection products: all used products have their technical and safety data sheet.
  • Kitchen cleaning: is carried out using cleaning products and practices following the HACCP guide to which we add the protocols established to avoid any type of undesired contamination.
  • Use of PPE: all our employees have the necessary and appropriate material such as masks, extra work clothes, etc.
Hotel Marina


The best welcome with maximum protection

In our hotel we are proud to inform you that we have all the necessary elements for the protection of our staff and all our clients during your stay. For this we count on:

  • Separating elements between employees and customers that subtly maintain the recommended separation space.
  • Safety and disinfection elements for guests: providing access to disinfectant gel throughout our establishment in dispensers distributed throughout the hotel. And of masks and disinfectant gel in your rooms as part of the usual amenities.
  • Information points both in digital format and through an online service to inform you about the measures and preventive actions and be always informed of any change.
  • Delivery of keys with disinfection treatment.
Hotel Marina

Bars, terrace and pool

Minimum distances and limited capacity

To minimize the risks, we have adapted our bars, terraces and other common areas of the hotel with the following measures:

  • Capacity reduction
  • Maintaining the safety distance
  • Food safety, minimizing product handling, with fast delivery and single-use packaging
  • Disinfectant cleaning of tables and chairs after occupation.
  • Table service. In the establishment’s swimming pool and terrace we have:
  • Capacity reduction.
  • Devices with hydroalcoholic gel placed in access to the psychine and in areas of greater affluence.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms.
  • Separation of hammocks and of course cleaning and disinfection of them.
Hotel Marina

Restaurant Buffet

New protocols and improvements

In addition to all the processes and systems already implemented in our kitchen and buffet service, we have taken a series of actions to offer you a new catering service so that you can enjoy your stay with the utmost peace of mind:

  • Mandatory use of hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance.
  • Assisted buffet
  • Dishes and individual portions
  • Cleaning and disinfection before and after the use of tables and chairs
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.
  • Our waiters, head waiter, cooks, all have protective equipment such as masks, gloves, etc. approved.
  • Our food suppliers have our trust as well as the respective health certificates and quality controls.
  • At your disposal all foods such as oil, salt, vinegar, etc. in single dose.
  • Capacity limitation
  • Table separation
Hotel Marina


Safe fun

In our hotel we know that it has been a hard few months and that you deserve the best. We also know that on holidays we have to disconnect, play and have fun. That’s why our team of entertainers has already started working on new options, games and much more to make you have a good time. These are some of the measures we have taken:

  • Capacity control.
  • More outdoor activities.
  • Live music, shows and much more.
  • Mandatory use of disinfectant gel before each activity in which you wish to participate.
  • Information of our animation program in the different screens distributed by our hotel.
  • Constant adaptation to changes as they occur, always following the policy and regulations in force at all times.
Hotel Marina Benidorm


Our Guardians

In our establishment we have implemented strict control standards for the most sensitive installations such as ventilation systems, air conditioning, swimming pool purification with the following measures:

  • Extra cleaning of air filters in rooms and common areas
  • Constant ventilation and air renewal
  • Disinfection of the drinking water system in our establishment according to current regulations.
  • Swimming pools and fountains: water sanitation more frequently.
  • For safety: in the event that our technical services have to solve some kind of breakdown in your room, it will be done when the room is empty. If this is not possible, the relevant safety distance will be maintained.
  • Professionalism: all our technical services are specifically trained to know each and every one of the protocols and safety practices according to health regulations.
Hotel Marina

Interesting facts

When in doubt, ask us

We know that it can be difficult and that doubts and questions will arise but in our hotel we will be delighted to help you from the management of reservations to solving any doubt that arises and you want to consult us.

These are some of the numbers and email addresses we have provided for you, and you can also contact us through our website, Facebook and Whatsapp:

Hotel Marina Benidorm:

(34) 96 585 37 62 – 687 18 90 96



Atención al cliente:

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